Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our daugther, who will be 23 next week, has been going to cosmetology school since Jan. 2007. She was suppose to graduate Feb. 2008. Well, I guess things happen, and her graduation date was moved to Sept. 20, 2008. This date is getting closer now. I know she has been having trouble at the school with a teacher. She is suppose to finish her books in order before she moves on to another one. But according to her, they won't help her to test out. She has to have a teacher sign out on her book. This way no one can say that she forged anything (there was a major problem with this with other students forging signatures). Well, she is still in book 3, only has one more test for that book. It's finger waves.. something simple, but according to daughter, the teacher won't take the time to watch her do it. I have a call into the school today, but they have not returned it.
I know my daughter is not perfect. I know that she misses on the average one day a week. She was in a roll over acciden back in Oct. 2006, and now has back pains. Well, I found out today that she missed yesterday and today!! I asked her if there is anything else I should know before I talk to the owner. She said no.. just that she was not there yesterday or today.
I really thought that she was at school. I am heart broken, upset, disgusted and other things right now.
Her boyfriend lives with us as well. Back when they lived together, he promised me that she would go every day. He knew how important it was to her/me/us.
I don't know if I can still hold him to this promise anymore.
I want to scream at them. But I know I wont. I've talked to them about how important it is that she attend daily. If she doesn't, she could lose the VA benefits, and then have to repay them because she didnt complete the agreement with them.
I feel like crying. I want to yell at them. But what good will it do? I'm so upset, that I can't even crochet right now. I don't want to put any bad energy into what I'm making (btw, it's a sweater for daughter).
I'm at my wits end right now.