Monday, August 06, 2007

Americana Throw

Phheeewwww... finally finished it.
It only took me about 3 months to finish it. Of course, I only worked on it in the evenings. I am very proud of myself. I've never done anything like that before. The Throw is worked up in strip's, then attached as you finished them.
I did have to order extra yarn for it. It is a kit from MaryMaxim. I was told that the creater of the Throw "only used 7 skeins of the blue". I did use the right size hook and the gauge was right one. So I don't know how I managed to use up 10 skeins of blue. Had enough of the red, the white, that was just enough. Maybe 2yds of that left over.. lol.
I've donated the Throw to the local DAV (Disabled American Veterans) for a raffle to help them raise some money.
Enjoy the pic's!!