Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I don't know where to start. I'm so upset and pissed off that I cryed for an hour last night.
About the first of Novermber, a good friend of our daughter's moved in with us. She is 20, and our daughter is 21. She has been a godsend to us. She has helped our daughter thru a breakup with a terrible boyfriend. Been her back bone when he calls and asks for her to come back to him (he's a jerk.. no one likes him, but love/lust is blind). Heather practically bends over backwards to help us. Such a sweet girl to have around. No problems with her at all.
Come christmas time, I was expecting her to get some packages in the mail from her mom and step dad (yes, we bought plenty for her and so did my parents). Well, christmas came and went and I asked her if she had called her mom to find out if they sent her anything and she told me that they never get her anything for christmas or her birthday. They always buy for her older brother and sister. I was taken back. How could any parent not give their youngest daughter anything for christmas?? I also found out that her mom politely reminds her that she was a mistake and that she never really wanted her! UG.. how could a mother say that?
I just want to slap her silly.
Heather wants to go to Costomology School here in Tulsa. She's enrolled and everything and told her parents that she will need a copy of their 2005 taxes. They've known about this for almost 2 months now and they keep puttin her off.
Her mom is now in California with the oldest daughter who is pregnant with her 2nd child and is due in about 9 weeks.
The step dad is still here but on the other side of the state. I keep calling him daily to remind that he has to go and get a copy of their taxes and then fax them to the school. He tells me that he has been sending them daily, but the school never gets anything from him. I want to believe him, but at the same time, ......
I called him on Saturday evening and "threaten" him that if he didnt call me, I was going to send the girls down there and get the paper work. He never did return my call. So the girls drove down there this past weekend to get the paperwork themselves and caught him!!
Let me back up a little here. Friday morning he called and said that he would be in town on Saturday and when he got close, he would call and we would meet up somewhere. Ok.. we waited for that call. Never came. Not surprized one bit. Now he calls Saturday evening and says it will be Sunday. Ok.. we waited yet again for him to show up. He never calls us. So that is when the girls go down there and surprize him. He NEVER LEFT HIS TRAILOR!!!!! What an A$$HOLE.
He told the girls that he is tired of me calling him daily, and that I am a B*tch! Well.. he wants to see/hear a B*tch... I can be one. I even called his wife in California and told her what was going on. She only came up with excuses for him.
All this for a copy of their taxes so their daughter can better herself.
I am at my witts end with this. I so want to call them both everyday and "remind" them that they need to get this done. Once this is done.. I want to cuss them out about how they are a bad parent. But I know I won't. I"ll just let it eat at me until it's over and done with.
Meantime, the school is calling him and me. Keeping me updated on what he tells them. Not sure how much longer the school will let her continue going there without paying. We can't afford to pay it either.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Blessed Be


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