Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thank You Mary Jo (Tampa Doll)

Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) from has the biggest heart around.
She made a dragon and then posted it on the 'Ville. Just my luck that I saw that post and read it. He is the cutest little dragon I've seen around. She named him "Tiny Tim" (am hoping that the name does NOT remind most of the comic singer Tiny Tim that use to be on "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In"...LOL).
I did reply to her post that he is the cutest thing around.
Lucky me.. I got him!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Jo sent him to ME! How very nice of her. And of course, there was a very nice letter to go along with him. It truely brought tears of joy to me. My daughter asked me why I was crying and I showed her my new dragon. All she could say was.. "aaawwwwww", then grabbed him and asked me where mine was.. lol.
I calmly told her that I would have to find that pattern and order it and then make her one, but she is NOT getting that one! Teenagers.. ggeeeze.. lol
Mary Jo.. thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love my new dragon. He told me his name... His new name is ... "Seth". He fits right in with all my other dragons


Blogger Crochetoholic Debb said...

Hi Teri,
Like your sure to check me out:) Your dragon is adorable...:) I am making a kitty towel topper for a swap I am in on 1 of my groups. Well just thought I would say"Hi"....Crochetoholic Debb
and my other swap blog

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