Monday, August 28, 2006

C'ville Temp Down

As you may have noticed, Cville is down and when you try to access it youwill get a message stating:

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

C'Ville has exceeded their bandwidth and maximum user capacity under thecurrent plan. Amy (yarnaholic) is aware of this and is checking into it.Amy and Donna have been talking with several different places that offermanaged dedicated server packages.

Check Amy's blog for more detailed information and current status

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hot Hot Hot

Oh man... it's been in the triple digits for about 20 days now. That was ok until last night (Saturday night). A lightening storm came in and surged the power. Everything came back on except for the A/C.


Wonderful hubby tried his best, thought he fixed it, but ended up only running the fan all night. When I got up, it was only 80 in the house. I am use to it being a nice 75 in here.

Now, you think that 5* is not much.. but it is. Enough for you to start missing your A/C. And you know, no one is opened on sunday here. But we were able to call a friend who knows someone that works on A/C's. He is a very nice older man (he says he is 83 (and he is very good looking 83yo man!)). He came out and checked out unit. Says it is in the inside unit, because he can bypass it outside. So maybe it's the Motherboard for the unit. All I can see is $$$$$$$ ching, ching, ching. He told us to not to worry, it wont be that much.

Phew, that is a relief. But until then... we have several fans set up and I am sweating and getting over heated now. Drinking plenty of water and pissing it out.. lol