Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dawg Days of Summer

WOW..Sure have been hot here. For the last 5 days, we've been in the triple digits. phew. Can't even go swimming in our soft sided pool because the water is too hot as well.. lol. Am really looking forward to the first of Autumn. Won't be too hot or cold then.
I've gotten the yarn for my step-sister's sweater that she wanted/asked/begged for last It is a bright pink. You almost need sunglasses to look at it.. LOL. Am thinking about using a dark fun fur for the trim.. just to make it stand out a little more.
I was asking my other sister if her daughter was still into the "black" scene.. she said "yes". Was hoping that she would want one in a varigated color. Saw some very nice varigated colors at Wal-Mart this morning. It's hard for me to see the stitches in black, even with my glasses on.
I got the new Lisette pattern in and I am dying to work one up for me.. lol. I have some chenille yarn here, but am not sure if it will be enough for it.
My tongue is finally back to "normal" (if one can say that.. lol). We are still working on my legs. They are looking very good and almost like my legs again.. lol. Just a few more weeks of the legs wrap and then we move onto the sleeves for the rest of my life. =)
I've only been crocheting up some doilies here. I work very slow. It usually takes me about 2 days to work on a 9" doily. But that is only working on them in the evenings. I spend my days running around with hubby.. lol.
Gotta Luv Him <3