Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tongue Surgery

Well, yesterday (Friday) was the big day for me. Had that mole with the growth removed. I had bitten off the growth 2 weeks earlier and saved it for the dr., but he said that they will get the real thing here in a bit. That was cute at the time.

Had to do a breathing treatment, then had to spray nasal stuff up my nose every 15 min's to open me up. Then I got another treatment to numb my throat. Then came the good meds. I was numbed up in about 1 min' and everything was starting to fade to black. I remember watching some "All My Children" and then thinking ... "WOW.. it's a good thing that I used the potty before they gave me this chit.. lol", and I was out for the count. After that, I remember opening my eyes and seeing that it was about 2:15, then my eyes slammed closed again.

Woke up again, it was now 2:45 and the nurse is patting my hand. "Wake up hun, would you like some ice or some medicine for the pain?" What pain I am asking myself at this point. Then I swallowed!!! PAIN.. "Umm.. some pain medicine please, and some ice chips as well".. no problem. I got both, a nice cup of ice chips and a shot of morphine... YEAH. So about 3:15, they wheeled me back to my room where my wonderful husband is sitting and waiting for me to get back to him. Bless his heart. He is Diabetic and had to eat at noon, and he almost missed watching me getting high and sleeping.. lol.

We got home about 4p.m. Of course, I had to prove to them that I could use the potty and eat something before I could leave. Did both very good thank you.. lol They gave me a sprite, and that was harsh on my throat, so some nice strawberry jello and ice chips was enough for them.

Today (Saturday) will be another good test. Today is our group's Litha. It will be about 7:30pm and I hope I can talk long enough to read the ritual to them. I couldn't sleep in bed. I think our bed was too flat for me, so I slept out in my rocker with my "Ms Geronimo". I"ve also been getting my legs wrapped everyday this past week. Monday and tuesday, they only did one leg. My left one, then they started to wrap both of them on Wednesday. I look funny, but they measured both legs yesterday and both have shrunk a lot. Next week will start some "skin movement/massage" and continue with the wraps. Harry has to do them at home now. He is getting so good at it now =) I love him sooooo much.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Beautiful Day

Here it is June 2, 2006 already. Time sure is flying by. I'm not doing much.. just ask my husband.. lol.
My knee's are still hurting me, but at least I am not using a cane now. I just move slow at first.
My legs will be getting wrapped up come the week of June 19th. They will have to be wrapped everyday for 2 months, then I get to wear the stockings for the rest of my life. JOY JOY
My tongue.. well.. I will have to have surgery.. They will be giving me a local, then cutting off my mole (that is now growing), running that to the lab to make sure that they got it all, if not, they will take more off of my tongue So that friday.. husband will have peace and quiet.. lol. They are not saying if it is cancer or not. Waiting until they can biopsy it first.

I did bite my mole yesterday, and it started to bleed. Luckily, it only bled for about 15 min's.

Our daughters friend is here staying with us for about a week. I really hope that she will be here for Litha. She is a great kid (so is my daughter =) ).