Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Home Sweet Home

What a nice long weekend. We went to Osage State Park this past weekend. We were there with about 40 other people. The beds are nothing to write home about, but at least they were semi-comfortable.. lol. They were all bunk beds.. LOL.
It was a "spiritual retreat" (one could say). Lots of going on's on Saturday.
Friday was check in, grocery shopping, getting everyone checked into a cabin. If anyone else has been to Osage ... then you know that the cabins are down a little ways from the main lodge, and that there is only ONE set of bathrooms for 10 cabins. So you have to walk about a football's length from the cabin to the restrooms. Then the restrooms are made for very small people.. more like Faeries.. lol. Shower curtains for doors. That is a good thing, cause my knee's were sticking out, not to mention my head.. lol.
Friday night's meal was a pot luck. You were to bring enough to feed 6 to 8 people. Most of the people "forgot" about this. So we did with what we had.
Saturday's breakfast.... that was mine and my hubby's job. I sign us up for this every year. We make a great team fixing breakfast. We cooked up some bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, bagels, biscuits and gravy and a full pot of coffee. Lunch was just cold sandwiches. Which was fine by me. Supper was our friends Mikey's spaghetti. He makes a mean pot of spaghetti!!!
It did rain all day, but that just made the day all the better. I volunteered to teach a class on crocheting. I had a few adults, but mostly.. a few kids. Even had a teenage boy wanting to learn. All the kids were from the same family. They were Excellent kids. Never any trouble the whole time. The oldest girl (Tay) caught on the fastest. She ended up making a potholder for her mom, and I made her a beanie with a flower on it. I would really like to send them some yarn and hooks, and hope that they remember how to crochet.
Sunday was clean up day. Cabins had to be spot less and re-checked from the park ranger. Kitchen was spot less finally. Got all the food out of there and sent most of it home with other people.
The whole weekend was great. Saturday evening's ritual was a very special one. It was a tribute to a very special Lady that we lost in January. She was our teacher for drumming.
I know when we got home Sunday afternoon, we ate a little lunch and took a nice nap, got up for supper.. ate a little more.. then slept until monday morning about 9a.m... lots of sleep caught up there... lol. As you can tell... I don't sleep very well when it's not my bed or pillow. So over the weekend, I got about 6hrs worth of sleep. I think I am all caught up now.. lol