Saturday, April 22, 2006

DAVA Cookbooks

Well... I am doing the cookbooks for the DAVA (that's.. "Disabled American Veterns Auxiliary"). I suggested that we make one for a fund raiser. We only need about 150 There are at least 35 members listed, but only the same 5 or 6 show up each month. I did snail mail them all letters about the cookbooks. Have NOT heard from any of them. I know they are old, but I would love to have my favorite recipes in print for my family.
I also have the wonderful job of retyping up the recipes that were hand written.. lol, and or photo copied for the millionth time.. lol.. I love to try and figure out what they said in the first place...LOL. That's ok, cause when I am done typing all of them up.... the ladies at the next meeting can check them for me for spelling of THEIR errors.
It will turn out good. I've done this before, but this time I am going to make sure that I purchase a few of them and give the out as gifts!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Where Has The Time Gone?

My Oh My... Here it is April already. Day-Light Savings Time started yesterday. It was soooooooo beautiful here in N.E. Oklahoma. At 7p.m. it was a perfect 72*. So hubby and I sat in the back yard and talked about what additions we would love to build onto our house. You know.. the usual stuff, a pool, extend our room, make our little bathroom into a bigger shower bath room.. lol, then extend the kitchen/dining area. We have plans, but not enough money at this point. It's soooooo nice to have plans =)

Let's see.... 2 weekends ago, I went to Dallas area with 7 other ladies and we did C.O.W. (Celebration Of Womanhood). It was very nice weather there. But the drive was L O N G! It only took us about 6hrs to drive there, and we only got "lost" twice.. lol. Long story short.... the lead car was driving very slowly in traffic and wouldn't pass trucks, soooooo, we did pass them, and come to find out, they had maps and didnt share with us. Oh.. there were 3 vechiles total with 8 ladies total now. The lead car had printed out maps, but failed to give us one. So we were in the dark about everything. That's ok... we went out own way on the way home and beat them home by an hour =)
Of course, while tongue was bleeding from a mole. I've had this mole for years now and never anything from it (aside from the accidental biting it and rubbing against a tooth). I was so myserable. Nasty details I wont go into. Let's just say, I've been to the Dr's and they are referring me to an E.N.T.

This past weekend was the "Free" Medieval Faire in Norman, Okla. It was so very hard to find a motel/hotel near the park there. EVERYTHING was booked up for the Faire. We did manage to find one. It was about 45 min's away. We did go and had some fun. There was a cluster-f*ck of people there, and most of them didn't have any manners. Dust everywhere. It's like the Parks people had to mow before hand. Damn them.. didn't they learn from last year.. lol. It was very warm there as well. I got over-heated a few times and had to sit down for awhile.
This Faire is only on for 3 days. Not sure if we will go again next year. I know we will be going to Muskogee's Medieval Faire in May. We love that one. That one is spread out over several acres and more open so one does not bump into people as much!

Have a Wonderful Day!!