Sunday, February 26, 2006

Local Author

OHMYGODDESS... I finally found her blog. This Lady is very very very good. blog website

Please go and visit her sites and READ HER BOOKS!!

If your into the Paranormal and Fantasy, then she is the author to read.

I'm off to find more of her books =)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

100 Things About Me =)

Thanks to Kimberly for this.

100 Things About Me

1. I am a Cancer
2. I was born in the year of the Ox
3. I had to wear casts on both of my legs at 6 months
4. I have had my tonsils out
5. I have never broken any bones
6. I played the Accordian
7. I self taught myself the piano
8. I can crochet
9. My Grandmother taught me to crochet at the age of 9
10. I was a Camp Fire Girl
11. I am buying my first house with my husband
12. I dream of owning a Bernese Mountain dog
13. My first car was a 62' Nova
14. My first brand new car was a Ford F150 SuperCrew Truck
15. I use to hate to get up in front of people and talk
16. I have family in Canada
17. I am right handed but use my left for many things
18. I can cross my eyes
19. I can roll my tongue up like a taco
20. I want to learn to speak french
21. I have some Indian in me
22. My first dog was a cock-a-poo named "Dandy"
23. My second dog is a border collie mix named "Molly"
24. I am the oldest child
25. I attended college for a few years
26. My favorite FootBall team is New England Patriots
27. My favorite ice cream flavor is anything chocolate
28. My favorite hot drink is tea
29. I despise the smell of a skunk
30. My favorite Author is V.C. Andrews
31. My intended major in college was Elementry Education
32. I have one step sister, one step brother and one half brother
33. I have one sister
34. I love Hormel Chili (no beans) and Velveeta Cheese dip
35. I'm a people watcher
36. I use to work for "Pic-N-Sav" in California
37. I would like to visit Florida
38. I've been to Mexico once
39. We collect hurricane lamps
40. All four of my grandparents have past away
41. I own about 5 pairs of shoes
42. I can pat my head and rub my stomach (and vice versa) at the same time
43. I don't drink beer
44. I like wine
45. I read fast
46. I like to bake
47. I volunteered at my daughters elem. school for 6yrs.
48. I had to take elem. algrebra twice (failed both times)
49. I can swear like a sailor when really riled
50. My hair is getting back to it's normal color with lots of grey in it now
51. I can not sing in tune
52. I look good in red
53. I collect Western Dragons
54. I collect magnets from places we've been
55. My favorite movie is the Time Bandits
56. My dream vacation is an around the world cruise
57. I can ride my bicycle with no hands
58. I can't do a cartwheel
59. I have issues walking in a straight line
60. I have lived in 8 different homes
61. I have only lived in 2 states
62. I started watching "All My Children", "One Life to Live" & "General Hospital" while in High School
63. I have 6 nephew, 4 niece, 2 niece-in-laws, and 5 great nephews
64. I can start a fire in the fireplace
65. I have gone to Oktoberfes
66. I love thunderstorms
67. I got some freckles after spending some time in the sun
68. I have a very light scar on my right arm
69. I can't write out a pattern for crochet
70. I have never a published poem
71. I love to watch sunsets
72. I miss walking the beaches in Calif.
73. I like to do plastic canvas
74. My eyes are hazel
75. I went to a local college
76. I have never been on a train
77. I want to visit San Francisco one day
78. I hate baiting fishing hooks
79. I love the thrill of a roller coaster
80. My hair has lots of grey
81. My favorite book is the Harry Potter Series
82. I like SouthWest stuff
83. I use to make Dream Catchers
84. I love to burn candles
85. My high school mascot was the Gaucho
86. If I could study anything, it would be history
87. I dream of someday living on a ranch / farm in the western part of the US
88. My favorite cocktail is a strawberry margarita
89. I am a chocoholic
90. I love using my hands
91. I prefer to write with a pencil if possible
92. I want to visit Australia
93. I have never seen an Opera
94. I have never been to a musical theater
95. I love chinese food
96. I love mexican food as well
97. I love my nails when they are long
98. I like most kinds of music – country, rock, oldies
99. I cannot stand gangster rap songs
100. I love the group of people that we hang out with

WOW.. that was hard to do, but I did it =)