Saturday, January 28, 2006

Boring Day

Well, each and every day, I check to see if someone has posted a comment or 2 from the crochetville. For the past 3 months, only people looking for spells or spamming their web sites have left them.. LOL
It does get real depressing. But am not going to let it stop me. I am busing working on some tea towels for a good friend. She bought the towels and asked if I would make the tops for her. She told me "any color".. so... There were 6 whole towels, but now there are 12 half towels.. LOL, and each one will have a different color topper! Makes life a little more interesting.
My cousin loved that I made her last name in filet and is asking me to make 2 more of them for her son's. I will, once I am finished with the tea towels. Then I will get make to making that $100.00 blanket for my husband and myself. I've never bought yarn that expensive. It is "Jewel Box" and it was on sale at Big Lots! for $1.99 per skein and it is soooooooooooo soft. I found (at 2 Big Lots!) the same colors. So I bought all they had in "Pearl" and "Deep Jasper". Going to make it a ripple blanket.
Up coming months are going to be very busy for us. At the end of March is COW's (Celebration Of Womanhood) in Texas. Can't wait to see everyone again.
Then the first weekend in April is the Renaissance Faire in Norman, Okla, and it's FREE!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crocheted Prayer Pot

Jan. 2, 2006
We got news that a very dear friend of ours past on. She is in Summerland now. No more pain. She faught very hard these last 2 months.
It all started when her left leg began giving her troubles. She went to the ER a few times. One of the dr's there told her "lost some weight... oh yeah, and here is a back brace" WHAT NERVE HE HAD.
Well.. after that, she didnt want to go back to the ER (don't blame her), so her leg got really bad, so bad, that it started to turn black. They rushed her to the hospital and told her that they would have to remove the leg. We didn't know how much of her leg that she would lose. She lost her whole leg... all the way up to her hip and part of her buttock's.
She was on morphine drip and everything else to help with the pain. But it just never helped her.
She started to get better after about 6 weeks. She was talking (raspy voice from the tube being in her throat for 5 weeks) a lot better. We even got her to laugh. We told her that we needed her here to teach us how to play our DJEMBE (African Drums). Everything was looking up for her.
She still couldn't keep anything down. Always throwing up what they put in her. We thought it was just from the morphine. Then Monday afternoon, we got that call =(.....

One of my fellow crocheter's was going to make a "Crocheted Prayer Pot". I thought to myself.. "why didn't I think of that... cause you don't know what it is".. lol
Well, this dear friend is so upset that she can't bring herself to make it. So now I am going to make it. I just needed to know what it is. Thank the Goddess that someone over in "Crochetville" knows.
Tiffany answered my post and gave me another link to find one. I wanted to leave some feedback for Marlo, but that part of her website is not working, so I thought I would leave it here for her.

Marlo.. thank you for having this. Your a life saver!!!! (((((Marlo)))))

I'm off now to make a few of these.