Thursday, September 15, 2005

County Fair

Well, I missed getting to put anything into the county fair here. Yesterday was the dead-line. I have been in court waiting for them to call my name for jury duty. One just never knows when your name will be called. I am scared for when they do call my name, and they keep it so cold in there, my teeth were chattering from

I am now working on my second "Name in Filet". I must admit, this second one is looking much better than the first. I am using a size 8 hook. It does call for a size 6 hook for the size 10 thread. My first one I used a size 0 hook, and it looks loose. This one is much tighter =)

Am finished with a total of 3 sweaters now. Not sure if I will make one for my step mom, aunt and cousin and step sister. They do work up Not sure what to make the teenage boys in the family. 2 of them are into skateboarding, not sure what the 3rd is into. I really need to send them a SASE so they can write me back to let me know for sure.

Can you beleive that there is only 3 more months until Time sure is flying by.

My yahoo crochet group is really talkative right now. I just love it. Several of us got to meet last Saturday in Tulsa at the Barnes & Noble book store. I think the next one will be here in Claremore. Would love to have some information about the Crochet Guild for them. I would love to start a group up here.