Saturday, July 09, 2005

Doll Heads

Here are all of the doll heads that I have.
I have 4 - 6" heads... 2 purple & 2 brown hairs

4" heads..... 3 yellow, 3 pink & 7 brown

4 3/4" heads.... 2 browns

3 1/2" heads.... 1 brown & 2 yellows

4 1/2" heads.... 2 black (Tammy)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Trade for Yarn or You pay postage

I have several of these doll heads here in a box. They are not doing me any good. I've never worked with them before. You can email me for hair color and size. There are different sizes and different color of yarn for hair.. purple, pink & brown.

Our Daughter is back home and looking for a job until school starts back up. She is wanting to go to Beauty College now. That will be a nice job to fall back on if she can't get anything else.

I'm still working on that Wizard Cross-Stitch. I hate using white.. lol. I can't see the stitches, even with my glasses. So will be saving the white until last. Not working on anything else YET. I ordered a pattern from Annie's Attic, it is on back order. I ordered the Boboletta Cocoon Sweater. I want to make that for Lucy (my step-mom).

Sunday, July 03, 2005


ok... my daughter is back home!!!! They are talking on working on their relationship. It's a good start. I'm just sooooooo happy that she is back.

I finally finished up all my purple squares for the 2 groups. I also got my tea partner's box sent off yesterday (Saturday). The only thing I need to work on now is those finished book marks. I just need to find my iron so I can stiffen them up a bit before mailing those off.

I'm not crocheting anything right now. Thought I would take a break and try my hand at a little 5 x 7 crossstitch. It is of a Wizard. Will get a pic of it once I am finished with it. I think I am about half way done now. Hard to tell with the white thread on it.. lol

Tomorrow (Monday), we are having a few friends over for a BBQ, some drumming and then to shoot off some fireworks.