Monday, June 13, 2005

Oh Boy

Oh Boy.... I really need to talk to my daughter. She will call here in the afternoon and say that she is hungry. Oh My Goodness, why doesn't she just rip my heart out now. Everyday now, and I have to keep telling her that she made this choice on her own. She does have food there, we've just spoiled her too much. What they do have, they have to make it last until payday (which is every friday). Who hasn't been already?? We've all survived it. I've lived on popcorn, rice and beans (not all together thou.. lol). It is getting to where I dread answering the phone. Yes, we have caller ID, but I love hearing her voice.
Husband says that he can pawn one of his guns for low amount and we can help her that way. I tell him "no honey, this is something she has to figure out, and I will just have tell her to please not mention that she is hungry" as the tears stream down my face.

Boy, this blog is suppose to be about my crocheting, but it has become my journal. Onto Crocheting... I am just about done with my purple 6in squares for the 2 groups. Envelopes are ready too.. just need to wait for some $$$ to mail them off. A couple of the gals live in Canada, one is in New Zealand.
I still need to get some more items for my "Tea Swap" partner. I got a package from her last week. There was 2 envlopes of hot chocolate w/mini marshmellows, 2 little tins with different tea in them from "Adagio" Tea, and a box of caffeine free tea that my husband will enjoy.. lol

Friday, June 10, 2005

I know it's for her own good.....

I really hate saying that, but she has called here twice today (not that I am complaining about in any way) complaining that she is bored and hungry. All she can eat there is a bowl of plain cereal. I tell her that that is enough for now, and water will wash it down. They just need to better plan some simple cheap lunches for her. They have food for the evening meal (which is more than some people eat). I do feel for her, I can remember skipping meals just so that she and hubby would have enough to eat. I so want to help her too, but at the same time, she needs to learn this lesson, after all, she is the one that choose this way. I always cry after we hang up. I need to be strong on this too. Thank goodness I have my husband and good friends to talk too. I really need them right now.
Who said being a parent is easy? I do so worry about her more than she knows.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hump Day

Boy... here it is Wednesday already. I only get to hear from my daughter when I call her, and then it sounds like I am bothering her. So the calls are short. My husband politely pointed out that that is how my mother use to feel when she would call me. Talk about a hit over the head.
I don't cry much about it now. Only when I sit and really think about her. But then I tell myself.. she is just about 25 miles away.. not like she is gone for-ever. Then I start to feel better about everything.
My crocheting... not that I have been neglecting it.. I am working on some purple squares still for 2 groups. I am about 1/3 of the way done. Then I will need to start on a baby blanket for a friends neice who is still due in Sept. I have all my bookmarks done, just need to press them. I also have my tea, just need to get a little box or envelope for it and send them off. Would like to put a little something in with the tea, but am just not sure what yet. Will think of something real soon. Am better under a little pressure.. LOL.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Still No Word

Damn.. it's only Saturday. It feels like almost a week has past to me. I can't believe it was just 2 days ago that we went and saw our daughter. It seems like a week ago. We did try and call her yesterday (several times in fact), come to find out, her boyfriend had the cell phone. He had to make some phone calls. That did not go over very well with hubby.
We were trying to see if she needed anything for the apt. Like dishes, silverware, etc. "HE" said that he could use some bowls. Like we are going to get them anything now.. lol I know that sounds means, but he is the one that talked our daughter into moving in with him. He is the same person that told me a few weeks ago (while in our house) that "if she can't get a job and carry her own weight in the apt... Out she goes (at the same time, he is using his middle finger to motion that she is "out"). To me, that says that he is only using her. Guess she has to find this out on her own.
Have a Great Weekend.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday June 2, 2005

My husband took me yesterday to where our daughter is living. This is the first time I've seen or heard from her since Sunday afternoon. So she didn't know that we were coming over. When she opened up that door, I saw all kinds of emotions running thru her face. Anger, scared little girl, pissed off, trying to be an adult, crying, suprized, shocked.. you get She finally composed herself and let us in and started crying, which in turn started me to cry with her. She apologized for her actions and what she said on Sunday, but she is not ready to move back home just yet.
I'm proud of myself. I didnt ask her to come back home yet either. I really wanted too, but I knew that she has to learn this on her own. She did ask that "if" something did happen, could she have her room back. I kinda joked around and said "yes, it's your room, but only for the next year *insert crying/laughing here* (lol).
I do feel much better now that I've been able to see, feel and talk to her. We also gave her back her cell phone. Now, I know a few of you are saying that we gave in to her. But she never asked for it back once she gave it up. Besides, we still have to pay for it. The contract is up at the end of this year. So why not let her have it. We get the bill and the list of numbers that she/they made.. lol. We only asked that she call us once in while, and that they don't abuse this "luxury". :)